About MapSnapper

MapSnapper’s philosophy is to bring technically sophisticated three-dimensional seismic techniques as a package to the independent explorationist. Wayne Hoskins is the owner and head of operations for MapSnapper.

He has over 45 years of industry experience in all aspects of seismic data modeling, design, acquisition, and processing.

  • Cadastral

    MapSnapper’s cadastral software is a permit management tool that aids in fitting legacy digital land ownership data to digital ortho-registered satellite, aerial, or topographic images.

    The property boundaries can be placed in their correct position. This data can then be used to plan field activities such as permitting, surveying, and seismic data acquisition design.

  • Seismic design ray traced modeling

    Correct design of a seismic survey requires knowledge of the subsurface geology and some velocity information to calculate the best surface sampling. A three-dimensional earth model of the subsurface is built using the client’s mapped horizons, available seismic data, and well log control. A target area is defined representing the play or acreage position.

    Ray paths are traced upward to determine the correct surface sampling.

    Once a project is designed, each source is ray traced into its receiver patch to test the imaging quality of the survey.

    As hazards and permit restrictions are defined, the design is modified and tested in the model for imaging quality.

  • Field Project QC & Management

    MapSnapper is typically the only continuity in a field project from prospect map to data volume. Coordination and quality control of efforts by the various contractors, such as permit agents, surveyors, drills, brush clearing, data acquisition, and data processing is essential to collecting the best quality data at the best price.

    Technical decisions are made daily during each phase of the project by MapSnapper’s personnel in the field. Most often these decisions are made by the least qualified personnel.

    MapSnapper’s field QC and management provide a constant ground presence throughout the operation so that technical decisions are made at the appropriate level of expertise.

    Standardized field operations have been developed during the execution of hundreds of field projects under most field conditions and are enforced by MapSnapper’s field personnel.